Cover-Poker (They Play - You Win)

Cover-Poker (They Play - You Win)
Cards game, where you dont play cards..., but may strip sexy girls-players.
Win money by making bet on two sexy girls, that are playing "Cover-Poker".
Cover-Poker - is based on Poker rules. Player must collect better poker combination, than his opponent. To "discard" some card, player must cover some opponent's card with his card. Higher card covers the lower card of the same suit. After it, his card (covering) go out, and opponent's (covered) card comes to this player hand. Player may collect this way some good combination, to win the set. When some player have no card to cover, he "Stands" (or "Pass"). When both player "Stand" the set finishes. The Player, who has better Poker Combination wins the set.
Two girls are playing the Cover-Poker. And your task is to estimate, who will win in the current set, and to make a bet on this potential winner. If your chosen player wins the set, you receive the pot with double amount (your bet multiplied by 2). When you have enough money, you may strip some of girls.
Gameplay: Both girls-players receive 5 cards from the deck. You must make the first bet (initial bet $10). Choose the player, you want to bet for, and click on this player window. After it players start the 1st round. Player 1 covers some card of the Player 2, then Player 2 covers some card of Player 1. After each round you may Raise your bet, or Pass. Each time you raise your bet (click on "RAISE" button), the bet becomes 2 times higher (bet = previous bet x 2). If you have not enough money in your bank, or you dont want to raise the bet, you may Pass - click on "PASS" button.
After you make the next bet, players play the next round.
When some player have not card to cover, she Passes. When both players have no cards to cover, the set is finished. Player, who has higher combination wins the set. If you have made bet for the winner of the set, you receive the "doubled" pot to your bank. If your player have lost the set, you lose your bets.
When you have enough money (more than $100) you may strip some of girls, click on the "STRIP $100" button, to undress this girl to the next STRIP-LEVEL.
To win the game you must undress both girls to the last 7th STRIP-LEVEL.

Controls: Click on buttons.
  Poker Combinations:
Royal Flush - 10;
Straight Flush - 9;
Four of Kind - 8;
Full House - 7;
Flush - 6;
Straight - 5;
Three of Kind - 4;
Two Pairs - 3;
Two of Kind - 2;
Ace High - 1;
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HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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