Poker 3Some

Poker 3Some
Poker based game with 3 players, each player has 2 opponents.
You play against two sexy girls (Opponent 1 and Opponent 2).
Game idea: Collect the best Poker Combinations to strip your opponents.
Gameplay: All players receive 5 cards from the deck. You play first - choose some your card to discard - click on it. The card turns face down - click on the "DISCARD" button to discard it. (If you have changed your mind, you may click again on this card and it will return face up. You may choose another card to discard.) After you have clicked on "DISCARD" button, you receive the new card from the deck.
Then, the turn of the Opponent 1 - she chooses her card to discard, and receives the new card. Then, the turn of Opponent 2, she discards her card. Then, again your turn, etc...
When some player have good enough combination, he "STANDs". If you have some good combination - click on the "STAND" button.
The set finishes, when you click on the "STAND" button, and combinations of all 3 players are compared. The player with the lowest combination strips for one STRIP-LEVEL. If you have the lowest combination, the winner (with the highest combination) dresses back for one STRIP-LEVEL.
When some opponent has lost the game (stripped to the Last STRIP-LEVEL - "Done"), she does not play in next sets.
To win the game, you must undress both your opponents to the maximum 7th STRIP-LEVEL.

Controls: Click on your card to discard, then click on "DISCARD" button, or "STAND" button.
  Poker Combinations:
Royal Flush - 10;
Straight Flush - 9;
Four of Kind - 8;
Full House - 7;
Flush - 6;
Straight - 5;
Three of Kind - 4;
Two Pairs - 3;
Two of Kind - 2;
Ace High - 1;
HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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