Magnetic Billiard

Magnetic Billiard:
This time you play billiard without the cue. Using of a magnet instead of a cue. There are 9 white balls and one metal ball on the table. You may move this metal ball with the magnet. Place the magnet in some position on the table, to draw the metal ball, and make it to hit some white ball, to put it to the pocket. Easy, as to attach the magnet to the refrigerator...
To move the metal ball, press the mouse (the magnet will appear under the cursor), and the metal ball will start move, following the magnet and increasing its speed. Then you may drag the magnet to direct the metal ball. Release the mouse button, the magnet will disappear, and the metal ball will move in its final direction.
The metal ball follows the magnet till you release the mouse, or till it will touch the magnet, or till the magnet will move out of the table.
To win the set you must clear the table of all white balls (or score 10 balls, including metal ball).
And with each next level, the erotic show becomes more and more exciting!

Controls: Press the mouse button to start the motion of the metal ball. Drag the magnet, if necessary, and release the mouse button to direct the metal ball.

HTML5 game, playable on mobile
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